Dead Game?

Is there anybody in there?

I am curious what status of game is now.
Any updates / changes coming? Anyone still active much? I'd love an excuse to reinstall , new content or activity.

Add a zombie war elephant to the Safari area.

And storms that break open bases to keep sh-t real.

Floods, fires, and famine.

Lightning strikes that kill.

Freezing death blizzards.

A killer ostrich named Eye Plucker Steve, that roams the island attacking people and can only be killed by being
 bludgeoned to death with a can of beans.

Add the ability to throw cans of beans as weapons, and other objects, like stones,
so we can stone people to death behind the church that have been accused of being witch's and or zombies.

Add chainsaws.

Add gasoline for chainsaws, and match's and make base's flameable.

Add smoke detectors because, safety first.

Add the ability to make large scale improvised homemade explosive devices / detonators capable of completely destroying base's and leveling areas of forest with shock waves, for deer hunting purposes.

Add a bear

Add the ability to fist fight that bear.

If you beat the bear, earn title Bear Fighter.

Bear Fighter's get +2 deer skin from kills, and can kill zombies in one swing of the hatchet.

If you kill a Bear Fighter you get title Bear Fighter Killer and + 3 deer skins, and zombies run away from you.

If you kill Bear Fighter Killer you get nothing, and everyone hates you forever.

Add hydrogen filled zepplin for transportation and flaming arrows for unrelated reasons.

Add acheivement ' Oh The Humanity .. for blowing up a zepplin with a flaming arrow with at least 4 other players on board.

Add dragons.

Add wifihot spots.

ok i'm done.  do something. don't die. Cool
I am sad because it is a game that has great potential and unfortunately is being wasted, however I can understand the possible reasons why the game does not evolve, possibly the developer has more important things to worry than a simple game, family, personal issues, work and lack of time, I just regret, because it Survius is a very good game, hopefully someday the game will leave the alpha phase.

the only reason is that new players Always be killed by1 person
if i where killed every time i logg in i quit the game
You have countless alternatives to not being killed, building bases, looking for places where there is no PVP, among others, remember, in a post-apocalyptic world, the only enemies are not just zombies. If the player gives up playing just because he dies, then this style of play may not work for him.
they dont have the time to build a base
You ignored my second alternative, but I will remind you again, I did not just talk about building bases, I also talked about going places where there is no PVP.
there is Always pvp i Always help the new players
im all days online.
no one plays
sorry but this game is dead
(07-10-2019, 09:18 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: im all days online.
no one plays
sorry but this game is dead

But you have time now to build a base and not get killed, don't you? Enjoy having a server only for you. There will come times when this won't happen. The game has cicles.

The game is not dead, just fewer people are playing. They're still playing, you just don't see them.
i play this game 2 years now
before manny fun
now nothing
the only thing i do now is repairing base and look for supplies
nomore fun

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