Dead Game?
(07-11-2019, 01:56 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: eu jogo este jogo 2 anos agora
antes de diversão manny
agora nada
a única coisa que eu faço agora é reparar base e procurar suprimentos
nomore divertido

I wish I were in your place now.  to be afraid of other players because that was what encouraged me to train fast shooting, made me look for strategies to catch the enemies ... leaving my base was a terror and this was very cool since the idea of the game is of you  give these feelings really ... anyway ... I learned, understood and accepted the game the way it is.  depends a lot on what you are looking for inside a survival game.  believe it, when you learn about survius, "it becomes much cooler than it seems to be ... so my tip is this, that you train a lot in zombies and try to be more skilled at looking, shooting, running, deflecting,  Finally ... do not look for defects in the game, look for a way to be a terror within the game. As long as you do not evolve, it will always be the same as the deer "animals" on the map that will always be hunted.
i payed 20 dollars for this game
wat i get: NOTHING
i play now infestation the new z
totally free and many fun
big difference no?
Look, buddy, You didn't PAY for the game... you DONATED. Big difference.

However, nobody said you gotta continue playing this game if you don't like it anymore. You really don't like it, then stop. No one is gonna beg you to play if you don't like it. And if you found another one you like more, then go ahead and play that.

Just stop ranting about it without sense, because you won't get nothing from it.

Thread closed.

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