Hello noobs
(06-24-2019, 12:10 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: i did not say names? you all say its manhattan. not me

Wow again, Zimmi..
You know what?

I spent 5 minutes thinking about your comment up there..
Then I spent 5 more minutes thinking about a reply to it...
Then I just cracked a laugh.
your problem u cracked

gonne say something else
manny players says u cheat
and you where not banned because u are good friends with the admins
i dont lie
I can talk because I was hunted, stolen and killed several times and many know me by "Gauderio" who already killed me know who I am but I still play, so I say one thing if someone is guilty of almost no more playing this game is its developers.
So I make an appeal to the developers and to Chaozz make an upgraded upgrade for your humble players please, thank you.

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