[DENIED] jhonny_kratos Unban request
User Name: jhunnyor
Server: AS1
Have you been a fake ban? (yes / why not / no): yes / because I was banned for using "hacker" but did not use any program that could make changes in the game ... I know that hacker use is prohibited in the game and would like to to know the difference from "bug" to "hacker"

Nome do usuário: jhunnyor
Servidor: AS1
Você é que foi uma falsa proibição? (sim / por que não / não): sim / porque fui banido por uso de "hacker" mas não uso nenhum programa que poderia fazer mudanças no jogo ... eu sei que uso de "hacker" é proibido no jogo e gostaria de saber qual a diferença de "bug" para "hacker"
You were banned for sharing the same IP as an account that was exploiting the game, and here's the video proof that got that account banned: https://www.veoh.com/watch/v141938541FZ8TFr3t

There is no difference in the rules between a hack and bug. If it's not intended and gives you an unfair advantage (like walking through wall), then you can be banned for doing it. Here's the list of rules: https://survius.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=704
(05-19-2019, 07:45 PM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: Você foi banido por compartilhar o mesmo IP de uma conta que estava explorando o jogo, e aqui está a prova em vídeo de que essa conta foi banida:

mas acho injusto ser banido por causa de outro jogador ... o "daneilzelda" pertence ao meu clã. Você não pode proibir ou cancelar apenas a conta de apenas "daneilzelda" e "dark_soul"? ...
Unfortunately we can't. The system will ban any accounts that are using a banned IP.

I don't see how this is unfair: most games nowadays ban IPs to prevent players from making a new account and hacking again. Should have told your friend not to hack, because most players knew they were hacking.
I understand ... it really makes sense that the banned player wants to create other accounts to remain active ... It's a pity not to be able to ban only the player ... so I'll miss you. after all, It's a good game ... I always said, "It's just a game": D. ... Then this thread can already be closed <3
The admins have reviewed your appeal and came to the decision that the appeal was Unsuccessful!

You are banned from the game
Reason: You failed to show remorse over using game exploits, and misrepresented in your appeal
You can make an appeal again in one month after 24th June, 2019
Status changed to Declined

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