GMWOLF Ban Appeal
Username: GMWOLF
Server: Asian
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): Yes/No no,I honestly admit that I made use of the cheat engine program.

Hello players, administrators and moderators.

First of all I would like to start by saying the following:
I never intended to troll or use the program to obtain a permanent benefit in the game.

I did not know about the existence of a forum, download the game from a mediafire link (corresponding from youtube)

I do not justify or try to justify my action when I use the cheat engine

I made an error, I recognize it and
And I did not know about the existence of any forum, because when experimenting with the use of the cheat engine

I did not know that a community existed or that the game was still active, I thought the game had been abandoned, I did not see updates, or players that wanted to socialize, absolutely no loot and no reappearance of this

I admit that it causes a lot of damage to the community.

and I sincerely apologize to the entire administrative panel of the forum

I stress that I was not aware of the existence of this forum for which I could not make a report before (this happened a long time ago, but I am interested in being a regular and honest player in survius again)

I certainly started to get interested in the game again

I could create another account and change my router (ip)

but I honestly decide to ask for an honest apology and receive my punishment for my lack of community

Thank you for everything Survius

Admit to the offense? (yes and what/no): yes
Other comments: I'm Mexican, I have to use the google translator, so, an apology and there are strange words, I still do not practice my English very well written
Thank you for your Appeal!

Currently, the admins are looking into it. Please give it less than 24 hours.

Thread Closed, Status changed into Pending
The admins have reviewed your appeal and came to the decision that the appeal was Successful!

You are unbanned from the game
Reason: Approved
However, failure to abide by the rules next time will directly get you banned,
Status changed to ACCEPTED

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