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So in the next update, Chaozz has decided to rework the building system, as well as the crafting system. And also, in the last update/s, some new things such as the rain, stone tools etc. were introduced.

So we've decided to open this thread in order to get some cool suggestions and ideas like you people always give, regarding what can be done.

Just post that idea you have in mind, (i know you do), that idea that you just said in game to your clanmate and they replied "oh that'd be cool!" just post them here.
And you can take it a notch more by drawing up some building designs (player made), maybe textures, in order to illustrate your idea more.

Rules: There aren't any Tongue
Just don't say "M0r3 Gunz and t4nks!", suggest something that can be implemented easily using the already built-in mechanics.

LET THE POSTS FLOW!!!![Image: 2tkfth.jpg]
we keep always runnig and never getting tired
make a system that the player need to rust or walk before he can run again
It would be great if you put a system to add friends or place friends on the map, and have the map locate where you are
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I really want a 5 arrow quiver . (zombies spawn at 5-6 now .)
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(02-13-2019, 04:48 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: we keep always runnig and never getting tired
make a system that the player need to rust or walk before he can run again

- The ability to adjust the height of foundations and ladders up/down (into/off the ground), and the top of ladders being able to snap to the outside of foundations to use as stairs. This would add another element of customization to building and allow building on terrains that were previously unsuitable to easily do so.
- Muffled/no sound doors that cost more material to build (for instance add 4 cloth to the recipe)
- More types of storage items to craft (cabinets, refrigerator, etc), and other craftable items like beds, clocks, signs
- Player location shown on the map or a compass added to the game
- Make the ability to shoot while running a feature, since some people already do that anyway by manipulating key binds, why not make it part of the game and take away the advantage of it
- Spread items around more at spawns, instead of just putting them in piles (put stuff on different shelves and in cabinets and stuff)
- Stacking. Maybe stacks of 5 for similar items (at least while they're in storage), to cut down on storage boxes needed and make room to add more stuff to the game without organizing becoming too much hassle
- Adding female body model should probably be up there in priority before a lot of other things
- Could add cats and dogs or other pets. (For instance you can have a cat companion that just follows you around and begs for food, or for a donation a dog that actually helps out some while fighting zombies)
- Shotgun as very close range/melee type weapon with a wider impact radius
- Some patches of long grass that can't be hidden in settings
- Make traps a bit less obvious/easier to hide
- Enlarge the map and add new places to explore
- Cold/heat status effects, fatigue
- More shirts/character customization options
- Run slightly faster with nothing equipped in a character's hands. This is a realistic change that would help give a very slight but not gamebreaking advantage to looters and people who'd rather avoid pvp, and add a little more challenge for veteran pvpers to be more stealthy
- Add a farm and a deer blind to the island past the closed bridge

Also the materials required to make the stone axe make it not worth really making while the other axe is available in the game (which you need in order to make one). One solution might be to change the recipe to just logs and stone, but add the ability for players to harvest them without tools. You could make harvesting take 2-3x longer without an axe or pickaxe so it doesn't replace using tools to do so. You could also add the ability to create log structures, that decay in half the time of structures made out of planks, but don't require a toolbox to build. Along the same lines you could add the ability to upgrade structures with stone or scrap metal, which increases the time before they begin to decay
Add M-14 pls
Jk lol
My suggestion is obviously to add ability to view character in first person, sometimes clicking right button on mouse to aim and shoot is quite exhausting.
And yeah probably a storyline in game. As examples a text that or note from survivor that tell us their stroy like "Well most people in the city have been evacuated to the north where the military set up a defense line. Sadly I was left behind and now they won't let anyone in again." Like that lol.
I think we should be able to open/repair clan mates safes. And a quiver would be awesome.@ CannibalHero, I like your suggestions...
*Cracks knuckles* Ok, let's do this lol

First off, I don't know how the game is programmed, so some of what I suggest may already exist

- Stone buildings. They can be as thick as the wood with a crappy texture for all I care XD

- Water catchers (of course rain needs to work properly, first)

- The map could use grids, and bases in a grid cell would take ownership of the cell (this would make it easier to prevent players building next to bases they don't own)

- Allow players to build bases next to structures they don't own, but the players can destroy it with an ax/stone ax (all players can destroy a base next to a server structure)

- Allow building over roads/bridges Wink (I need my toll booth)

- Triangle foundations (I think them causing overlapping would be fine, we can cause foundation overlap anyways if we try hard enough XD ) (Conan Exiles has triangle foundations, so you could look at that for ideas)

- Walls with a vertical slit down the middle you can see/shoot through? You can do this by building walls, destroying the foundation, and placing an un-upgraded foundation down, so making it a feature would be cool

- Item build tips when you hover over something in the crafting menu (eg. Walls: Can be seen and looted through)

- Window shutters

- A crafting menu like The Forest? It's pretty clean/sleek, and would make use of the F1 book
- Condensed building objects (Eg. Click walls, then select if it's a normal wall, windowed, wall with slit, etc.)

- Have items spawn in buildings/locations at exact locations (eg. on a shelf, knocked over). These would mean the server only needs to send two pieces of data: is it there, and what is it. You don't need to sync where it is.

- You could make pre-defined groups for placing, this way you place a group at a location/point, and all the items of the group would have a set position to spawn based on where the group is placed (eg. the crossbow would be offset in the group to spawn with its center at the group's center). Also, only one of these items would appear in a group at any one time too keep from items spawning inside of each other.
This could impact performance, so I'd say have spawn location groups (eg. each building/structure is its own group that handles spawning at a different time); it could also affect performance since there are more set locations in the client, so it would use more ram, I think

- Have roman make a set of properly rigged character models so making new animations is easier in the future (he was working on some at one point)

- Game language file that the community can help translate to help non-english players understand the game (whether the files are included in the base game or need to be downloaded from here would be up to you)

- Improved injury system https://www.survius.com/forums/thread-2814.html

- Player thoughts https://www.survius.com/forums/thread-2724.html

- More traps https://www.survius.com/forums/thread-2724.html
I would also like it if we got some supplies back after breaking down walls and such, one plank for a wall and maybe three for foundations.. Also get cloth from tents and sleeping bags. And let the tomatoes and blueberries have a chance of giving seeds. And the rabbits would be nice to hunt.

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