[Error]Cant create an account
Hi there, im trying to create a new account, but a message appears that says "error:invalid email address", i dont why, i´ve tried with others mails, but nothing, hope u can help me, thanks.
I'm having the same problem. It says "we cant send email" or something along those lines though, not "invalid email address"
the problem is also in the Option to reset the Password, doesn't send any mail, and shows a black window after the message

problem with the login server maybe??
Confirmed and notified Chaozz. Please stand by till then
Fixed (hopefully). Sorry for the delay!!!
I'm still getting an error <ERROR: We were unable to send an email.>
still got the blues, i mean the error.

EDIT:already done!. close.
I disabled the email verification for now.
Hello, I just downloaded the game and tried to create an account, but the page (survius.com/account) shown the message: "Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate"
Please, help
There is currently an issue with the certificate system, so players cannot access the account creation or the page to view their account.

We're currently trying to fix the issue and get account creation back up. Thanks you for your patience.

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