Doubt about Survius music
The old Survius song (which I particularly liked) for all I know of was made exclusively for the game.

But these days I was watching some videos about DayZ and I found a Brazilian channel that makes videos of DayZ that used the same song of Survius today.

So, take me out of this doubt, this new Survius song was made exclusively for the game like the previous song? Survius copied a song from DayZ? Or did the video's author copy the song from Survius? or from DayZ?

Can someone explain me?

Here's the video for you to check out:
soundhound reveals this to me: Shriek by Jincheng Zhang

however it sounds like an OGL track with the voice of the guy here and there
I just wanted to know the source of this new Survius song, that's all.
I saw no need to answer as TheRoam had already responded. As for the music, I have no idea where chaozz got it from. He can better answer that than any of us.
well I could not go any further, it's just a quick guess from a soundhound search. somehow this song still reminds me of the old one. but only chaozz will have the answer
@Chaozz, please respond, we are all quite curious to know.  Rolleyes
I thought chaozz cousin composed in for the game
The previous song/music/OST was composed by Chaozz's cousin, however only Chaozz is the only one who can tell the best about the new current song/music
The current themesong is part of Youtube's music library. I contacted the author and asked if I could use it in a game. He agreed.

I feel it's a bit more dramatic than the previous one. More lonely. Love it.

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