Injury System
This is mainly in response momozaki thread about falling 2m causing the player to bleed out. I think most players have had this happen, and I doubt any enjoy it XD So this is an idea to try making the injury system a bit more... realistic...

A fall of 2m might cause a person to bleed, but it shouldn't make you bleed to your death. A skinned knee does heal on its own.

My idea is to add stages. These stages will have...
DoT - This is already in the game. Every few minutes, you take a bit of damage from the injury.
Heal Time - This will heal the injury to the previous stage (eg. stage 4 to 3)

If you would have a stage applied to you when you already have one of that type, it has a change to increase the stage.
Eg. falling down a hill 10 times could cause you to have hte max stage of bleeding.

Example stages for bleeding:
Light Sickness, Mild Sickness, Severe Sickness, Mortal Sickness

Example of stage progression:
1) Drink dirty water
2) Get Light Sickness

3) Drink another dirty water
4) Progress to Mild Sickness
5) Drink another dirty water
6) Get Severe Sickness

7) Use herbal medicine
8) Go down to Mild Sickness

9) Wait 5 (irl) minutes
10) Go down to Light sickness
11) Die from damage (don't drink so much dirty water next time XD )
yeah that would be a lot more fair and realistic

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