Its been awhile ..
So ive been gone sometime now, So Whats going on? Whats New? Hows the modeling going on Roman? just about to run the game to see whats changed. Hope all is going well and game is heading the way chaozz wants it too. i have a massive project going on atm though just starting but im looking forward to learning new things but with time being more of an issue it will be slow going.
lots of changes! (depending how long you've been away) v12s have brought rocks you can hit for metal (with an also new pickaxe), repairs only require one plank for everything, Safar Inn has been renewed, there is occasional rain (a bit faulty right now), servers are now unique for each continent and host up to 30 players and other smaller changes I cannot remember.

Playability is quite good in most cases but there are some issues still losing days suddenly (admins are on track of this to get solved!)

Surely you'll enjoy coming back, have fun!
Welcome back kirsin, I hope you stay awhile.

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