Survius Annual Meetup
Happy early holidays all fellow Survius boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.

This year has been a blast for Survius with game changing updates and amazing community activities. As an effort to end this year well, celebrating the christmas event, (and also for the new trailer, we will be arranging a Server meetup! So without further ado, here are the important infos for all you busy folks:

Date: 21st December, 2018, Friday
Time: Around 17:00 
**Both date and time in UTC +00 TZ**
Server: US1
Location: Antenna (could change, stay tuned)

The main goal would be to get as many folk possible ingame at the same time. We will have a good time in voice chat (discord), if you don't want to, totally fine. We will take some shots for the trailer, enjoy some funny moments while you shoot Chaozz and so on.
There are no restriction for such events, but as a matter of fair celebration, please refrain from PvP/Chain PKs

The time is not strict. It's better if you start gathering before 17:00, we will try to be there for as much time as we can, as mentioned, Chaozz will be there, the full admin team will hopefully be there, and of course, the most important, core of the game, notorious players (you guys) should be there Tongue

So see you guys, if you have any plans/ideas/suggestions, feel free to let us know.
Join our official discord channel for more updates and also try to be there on the day, with/without a mic if possible.

Those who are able to record ingame with a decent enough quality, please do, if you can't, Take screenshots!
I wanna do it on US2!!! Wink

Hopefully I can actually make it this time (still waiting for my stick figure skin lol)
For those that don't know . That's Friday 12:00 Noon EST .
(12-20-2018, 08:07 AM)Toolmanxiii Wrote: For those that don't know . That's Friday 12:00 Noon EST .

Thanks Smile
We are there Big Grin
Officially it's over, it was amazing, those who missed it, hopefully it'll be done again soon, we have some amazing community plans from the next month/year, stay tuned.

Also whoever got pics n stuff, please post
There's a couple more on the discord server, but here's 2:
[Image: 21-12-2018_11-401.png?width=876&height=493] [Image: 21-12-2018_11-382.png?width=876&height=493]
Here's a video of a bit of the event (sorry for the audio)

P.S. Sorry, chaozz <3
That was fun. We need to do a get together once a month.

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