I need your help for a new video
The Survius game trailer is over 2 years old and has over 130.000 views. And it is while kinda nice, it doesn't really reflect the current state of the game. That trailer was made with gameplay footage recorded by me over about a week.

I would really like to make a new video showing the current stage and would love your help.

How can you help? Record your coolest Survius moments (funny, serious, pvp, zombies, hunting, building stuff, farming, the new rain, anything interesting) and send them to me!!

There are some requirements though:

* record it with grass turned on, the game looks silly without it
* record it in the best possible graphics settings for your system, obviously
* check your framerate, it can't be too choppy
* don't record on a potatoe Tongue

So if you like your clip in the next Survius video, send me your video clips. Send them to video@survius.com using www.wetransfer.com
I'd like to expand Chaozz's instructions a bit, make sure to follow all of these to increase your chance to be highlighted in the trailer.
  • As Chaozz said, best graphics your computer can handle, generally speaking at least Simple settings must/should be used, because that's the only one from which the ingame shadows are rendered (which are super slick and cool)
  • Record using a good recorder, one which doesn't leave watermarks or resize the resolution
  • Speaking of resolution, it's a good idea to maintain 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Make sure you DO NOT accidentally/somehow feature any current ingame bugs, which are yet to be fixed, because that'd be awkward Tongue
  • You can film anything you want, clan activities, deer hunting, zombie killing, PvP, Surrender mode etc. etc.
  • If you choose to record the ingame scenery, you can press I to hide the HUD for a better view, it's not required but your choice, it's also a good idea to hide the chat if it contains potential *unfriendly* chat
We are also planning a server meetup soon, which will be good for the trailer shots and also huge fun when a lot of players join together, Join the discord channel and keep an eye out there for updates regarding that.

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