Tips to help reduce Lag/Timeouts (12.2 patch)
The problem will hopefully be fixed soon, but until then here are some tips that could help if you're experiencing a lot of lag and timeouts:

- Always open crates a second time, even if they don't timeout the first time. This will help to avoid accidentally placing more items into crates that haven't loaded in properly, so you don't put 2 items in the same space which can cause the crate to timeout permanently

- Try to avoid cooking at times when there are a lot of people logging into the server

- When using a campfire inside your base, face your character towards the furthest wall/corner. I do this because zombies tend to spawn in the direction you're facing, and having more of your base between yourself and the zombies will reduce lag and there'll be less chance of them noticing you through the walls. (This is a good tactic to reduce lag while chopping also.)

- Only boil water on one fire at a time, and add each dirty water to the fire 5 seconds apart, so that they don't all get done at nearly the same time, causing overlapping loading times. When you use multiple fires, one of them timing out can cause a cascade effect that causes all of them to timeout, sometimes permanently

** Unrelated but it's also a good idea to log out and back in one time before leaving in order to check and be sure all your doors are closed and repaired. There's a bug at the moment that makes them look like they're repaired when they're not.

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