The sadness
Once upon a time there was a nice game... shada shada... and now its the point when the last update made it almost unabled to play in a potato pc without getting contunously frozen, even during the joining.
If you think this is unplayable, be glad you didn't play in the early days XD
lol... to much lag and freezes on those days?
Lag was playing at 5FPS regardless of your system, freezes were about as common as now, and time outs happened all the time (but without the time out safeguard, so you actually lost everything).

As an added bonus... Fires also destroyed over 50% of what you put on them (or they did for me), there was no anti hack (lot of players used speed hacks), and bases were destroyable (that changed pretty quick).
About the antihacks and the bases I was already awared of that.

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