I'm Brazilian...how can I
How can I Donate for personalized skins?

I dont Have Euros..etc..
Well... its explained on the site or even when you open the game; I do not know another method if not through paypal.
I dont have Euros either, there will be a conversion of your currency to match the 5€.

The standard donation is through PayPal, which you can use without registering if you have a credit/debit card.

Also you can send a private message to chaozz and ask to make a bank transfer, but there will be more comission this way I would say.

Maybe chaozz gets bitcoin? No idea, you can try...

Another way to do this is through transferwise. This works pretty well in Europe with very good exchange rates. Not sure how it works in Brazil tho
Bitcoin or paypal both are fine. Contact me if you want to use bitcoin. Else use paypal@chaozz.nl and send the equivalent of 5 euro in your currency to me.

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