Version 0.12.2
(12-05-2018, 06:40 PM)Toolmanxiii Wrote: So far the new update is making the game impossible for any New players. If you did not have a base before the update Good luck building one.
1 Tree collider . you cannot build withing 1 1/2 Foundations distance from any tree.
2 gun timer . If you do decide to build and a zombie is near . your gun is put away and you have to wait 1.5 seconds after your done creating to pull the gun . and shoot . Too late your already dead. if you try and run and equip your gun you stop for that 1 second and again . your dead .
3 chopping . a player or zombie comes along 2 seconds to put axe away and equip a weapon . again your already dead .
4 Body's of dead players stay in game after they die. fly sound make it impossible to hear if another player is running up to kill you. so again your dead .
5. try and do any thing but be a player killer . your dead . and then someone else will just come along and kill you . so your still dead.  
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Did i miss Something  ? ....

This pretty much sums up most of my thoughts about no longer being able to build around trees. I have no problem with the timers for changing weapon and reloading, and think they were a good addition, but no longer being able to enclose trees inside a base will likely cause the game to become even more difficult for new players
OK after a couple days playing: I reconfigured some key binds and I no longer stop moving while switching items . you get use to the timers . so not really a game breaker .
No deer or Rocks really hurt . EG no cloth to repair tents /bags . rocks not as much as Zombies drop plenty .
building near a tree and deer should be priority , I don't need to build over 1 but building between 2 would be nice . in other words a 3x3 without the middle one . eg the tree or a tent so you can replace it when it decays .
Also found when i make a fire to boil water (out on a supply run) I can't put a tent down anywhere near it . not sure if it the tent or fire that has the collider or both .
Still think we need a deer blind on Military Island and near the back side of GV .
other wise still a great game .

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