Version 0.12.2
Version 0.12.2 is released!

Check the change log and download fromĀ
I can not download ... it does not open ... it just keeps loading
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Logged off can't log back on . says i need an update but I can't find it
I get the same, is like if the version got outdated.
whats that????

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I already made a thread about it... waiting for an answer.
So far the new update is making the game impossible for any New players. If you did not have a base before the update Good luck building one.
1 Tree collider . you cannot build withing 1 1/2 Foundations distance from any tree.
2 gun timer . If you do decide to build and a zombie is near . your gun is put away and you have to wait 1.5 seconds after your done creating to pull the gun . and shoot . Too late your already dead. if you try and run and equip your gun you stop for that 1 second and again . your dead .
3 chopping . a player or zombie comes along 2 seconds to put axe away and equip a weapon . again your already dead .
4 Body's of dead players stay in game after they die. fly sound make it impossible to hear if another player is running up to kill you. so again your dead .
5. try and do any thing but be a player killer . your dead . and then someone else will just come along and kill you . so your still dead.
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Survius - Multiplayer Open World Survival Game (Open Alpha available)

Survius is a Multiplayer Open World Survival game, that focuses on survival and cooperation, rather than deathmatch and Kill On Sight...: Unquote
Did i miss Something ? ....
1: it was meant to stop making choping safe areas
2: it is to bring a little more of realism, taking a gun from your poket or anywhere takes times, even counting the time of setting back what you were already equiping. Also... who would be so stupid to start building with a zombie near? First kill it, second start building.
3: same as the point 2... first will what you have around and then start working.
4: footsteps from far away clearly are hard to recognice, if you are in the open, do not except there would not be flies around, even more when the land hold to many pests of the deads.
5: I give you a point on it... there are already to many manhunters :/

Intro: When I joined... I was thinking the same like you... but... for some unknown reasons for my understanding... it just shifted to be a big pvp arena; they began to focus so much in pvp and manhunting than seems to have became the main thing in the game.
I'm really having a hard time firing, swapping guns and taking out the gun ... I know I'll get used to it soon ... but I liked it a lot more than it was before. .. I think you do not have to stand still for 1.5 seconds to reload or change weapons. . but mesml is still a great game Smile

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