Eternal blackh47
I believe that few had the honor to know this player called "blackh47" ... a noob I met and one of the first that I made friends here in "survius" ... he was known and respected in server sa1 for being a guy who liked to help new players and also for his strategic ideas in basebuilding ... he only survived the game, he liked pvp a little because some players insulted when they lost the fight ... we formed a clan and we learned to play together, we learned a lot of players to play ... blackh47 had liver cancer and had been fighting it for a few years ... he was 39 years old and told me that he no longer wanted to live because of his illness. and as incredible as it may seem, this game distracts him a lot because of the friendships he made here ... so, my respect and feelings towards this guy ... I had the news yesterday that he was gone. I wanted everything to be a mistake and reconnect it here again .. Sad Our lives are like a candle in which just a breath to erase ... goes with God my friend Smile

Nice post JR.
He was a good player who also played with the nick Bl4ckN1ghtM4r3.
I remember he was talking about going into Survius to distract and forget the health problem.
Sad I remember this player
(11-19-2018, 05:20 PM)SradKiller Wrote: Nice post JR.
Ele era um bom jogador que também jogou com o nick Bl4ckN1ghtM4r3.
Lembro-me que ele estava falando sobre entrar em Survius para distrair e esquecer o problema de saúde.

isso mesmo, srad ... ele criou uma outra conta depois de se desbanir ... você viu uma foto q postei aqui e você conversando sobre "amigo_da_paz"
This is sad Sad
I'm sorry to hear that. He was a decent player.
Sorry for the loss of a great player and decent man. He will be missed .
I also new this player....very sad day ....RIP to a fellow survian......and all around good person.....
Neegan.... he told me that you were the worst killer when we fought in (craftfield sa1) lol ... remember the battles? .. he was there and could not stay 1 minute alive kkkkk
I'm really sad to hear this, I also lost my friend and neighbor to cancer recently and it's a terrible thing to witness, but their pain is over now no matter how difficult it is for those of us still here.

So sorry for your loss Jhonny and all his other friends.
(11-19-2018, 10:51 PM)CanibalHero Wrote: Estou muito triste por ouvir isso, eu também perdi meu amigo e vizinho ao câncer recentemente e é uma coisa terrível para testemunhar, mas a dor acabou agora, não importa o quão difícil é para aqueles de nós ainda aqui.

Sinto muito pela sua perda Jhonny e todos os seus outros amigos.

então devemos viver o "hoje" porque o futuro pertence a Deus ... hoje é a chance de termos que ser melhores e fazer o bem para as pessoas ... porque depois que deixarmos este mundo nada pode ser feito ... que fica é o nosso legado e fazer o bem a outras pessoas é a melhor coisa a fazer

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