Version 0.12.1 Bugs
so the ammo or inventory is bugged when i try to drop a clip it drops it from inventory not the ammo slot....see below
I restored your post Neegan, seems like a solid bug report. Why delete it?
(11-07-2018, 10:10 AM)chaozz Wrote: I restored your post Neegan, seems like a solid bug report. Why delete it?

It sounds like the ammo might actually be reloading, so it's being dropped from the gun and a new one is immediately loaded from inventory. It happens when you assign the right mouse button to reload (which is also the default key to drop items)
^^I deleted the post. Neegan accidentally reconfigured the controls so that LMB and RMB both was also set to Reload. So when he was dropping, a reload was automatically done. Not a bug
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I have left mouse as reload . right is drop . I could also not drop a clip from the ammo slot. same for gun or bow or arrow . none of which are ever in my back pack if i die and try to retrieve my things . 99% of the time it is empty still . was shot while chopping today . lost all except 2 planks I still had when I spawned.(inventory should have been empty ) and my pack was empty as it has been since the new version .
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When I die and log back on I have things in my inventory. but when I check my bag it is empty. But if I am empty when i log on my pack still has my items .
DarkCoder and I tested out the bugs that seem to happen after a player dies and here are the results:

Most of the times after dying and respawning I'd end up with some items being duplicated in my inventory. 

This is after dying with nothing except 15 logs in inventory (3 logs are still in my inventory after respawn):


This is the backpack (there are 15 logs there, so 3 were duplicated): 


This is one of the tests with a full or nearly full inventory. When that happens some of the items get duplicated when respawning (while other items are deleted due to the backpack having less space than the player inventory does).

This is before death:


This is after death and respawn:


And this is the backpack (cowboy hat and flashlight were deleted):


On the last try with less than a full inventory, items were still duplicated after respawning, but this time the backpack was empty instead of containing the items that were dropped.







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