Version 0.12.0 Bugs
(11-05-2018, 01:09 AM)TheRoam Wrote: still we can chop cliffs to obtain wood. Maybe leave this mechanism to obtain stones with the pickaxe, but make separate colliders for the trees to get wood only from them?

I use a 3rd party script to add colliders to trees dynamically. It gives them the same property as the terrain sadly. Perhaps I can try checking the texture, like I do with planting stuff.
-It's confirmed from others that when dying sometimes their backpack spawns empty also (so it isn't just me).
-Blueberries can be planted but they still aren't growing
-Tomato seeds only require dirty water when first planted, and after that you can continue upgrade without it (they also don't give back any seeds still when harvested)
In game, Manhattan saw a fedora on my head and I wasn't wearing one and i had none in my inventory

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