Version 0.12.0
Version 0.12.0 is released after a month long waiting, Download Now!
Few keynotes: There was a full server and inventory wipe for a fair start up. Please post any bugs in the reporting thread asap:
Hoping there'll be a Mac Version Shy
cante is fading when used is this bug?

There is no zombie or cervus.

The plane is great, congratulations.

I really liked that there are new places all involved I give my congratulations!
[quote pid='20868' dateline='1541381560']

Eu realmente gostei que há novos lugares todos envolvidos dou meus parabéns!

Como assim?.. tem novos lugares??
ali em safar in um lugar muito bonito!

I do not know if to talk about the game here in this post if it does not give someone let me know
Yes, there is a new hotel to explore at the Great Vliet (it has loot)
(11-05-2018, 04:11 AM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: Sim, há um novo hotel para explorar no Great Vliet (tem saque)

legal ... vou dar uma olhada amanhã. ..

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