Accounts and Characters
This was suggested awhile back, but I thought it needed new light.

It would be nice if players could have multiple characters under the same account. I think 3 character slots would be enough, and players could delete their characters when they want, and save a new character in the slot.

Dark gave the suggestion that donators could also get 1 or 2 extra character slots. This wouldn't change the game play, and could increase donations, so I think it would be a good idea.

- Less alternate accounts that will never be used (Less data in the database)
- Players can change accounts to avoid drama
- Admins give warnings to the accounts

- Players can change their names to cause drama
I I'd like to add to this also it would be nice to be able to switch back and forth with the alts at maybe the menu screen or the customize character screen instead of shutting the whole game down and restarting to do it?
Yeah, you log into your account, then choose the character you want. It'd make sense to be able to switch characters without restarting the game lol. Since alts aren't promoted in game, there's no reason to allow the player to logout currently.

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