[ACCEPTED] rickelme14
Username: Answer:rickelme14
Server: Answer:South America
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): Yes/No :Yes
Admit to the offense? (yes and what/no): Answer:Not
Other comments: Answer

I am almost 10 months without playing for being blocked

I just said that I would not be annoyed to have messed up the game things in the update I had because I was kind of out of time to play
Thank you for your Appeal!

Currently, the admins are looking into it. Please give it less than 24 hours.

Thread Closed, Status changed into Pending
Your appeal says that you think that it was a false ban and you didn't break any rule. However these image(s) show(s) that you used abusive language and sexual language to harass other players ingame. Please explain them. Thread Opened

[Image: JplUkjV.jpg]
Sorry, i know i cant post here, but i would like to help Rickelme translating this:

SradKiller: I'm dont worrie about this shit game (When i was mad about survius, sorry)
SradKiller: Pffff i'm mad by Night (player NightWolf)
Rickelme: if not, i'll be mad (puto = bitch, but is used to express when u are too mad/angry. In context, Rickelme sayd this "I'll be very mad if my base hide because this bug" (when survius had problem to disappear base))
SQL: I'll report
Rickelme: I'm glad I'm not focusing on playing Survius.

I think is about ur translate "puto" is bitch, but "puto" (puto = bitch man, bitch girl is putA) is to express that you are very angry.

I think Survius need a Brazilian/Latino admin, Can I candidate ?
there is nothing abusive and no harassment there
There is no way for me to explain something that does not have in the image
even because I'm not cursing anyone or doing anything to anyone was a punishment however dubious.

really (puto) it's not offensive I was just saying that I would not get mad (puto)

I'm blocked because the moderator was unable to translate and interpret
I do not find a correct prohibition.
I hope I can play again I was not guilty of anything.
understood your concerns. Thread closed again, decision will be discharged soon.
The admins have reviewed your appeal and came to the decision that the appeal was Successful!

You are unbanned from the game
Reason: Voted
However, failure to abide by the rules next time will directly get you banned,
Status changed to ACCEPTED

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