Community Updates and Admin Candidates
Recently the community went down with a number of changes, a purge, and some events.

The current/previous admin team was of no use since many admins left and the duty fell upon only 3 admins, Me, Fatalkitten and SQLz.As a result, the management was getting quite hectic and an admin purge was called by Chaozz.

Following that, Survius will now be looking for new admins for the time being. 

As a step 1, I was declared as the community Manager by chaozz and given the responsibility of the task to appoint the new admins for Survius.

For step 2, Survius will now be taking in adminship forms. Candidates would need to fill up this form in order to apply for the admin post. So if you want to help Survius and contribute to this amazing community, feel free to apply. The form will be closed after 21st September 2018.

All current admins were removed, Mohenjo Daro and The-Roam will stay as the forum mod for the time being to handle the forums. 

Good luck to you all.
Thanks to Chaozz
And Long Live Survius

Big Grin
Then SQLZ came out ???????
FatalKitten and SQLz currently have no admins ranks.

MohenjoDaro and roman_hg are both forum and discord moderators.

All moderators will also be discord moderators, but a discord moderator doesn't need other ranks.
The New admin team is announced! Check here:
Thread Closed

Voting's done.
SradKiller is a new admin.
Congrats Srad and welcome to the team.
Reopening the thread for user feedback
lol ... It's good to have an administrator from the South of AmericaWink ... SRADKILLER for president ja ja ka

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