Foundation Supports
With the new max height build mechanic came a pain to make overhangs. I don't really care for the max height, but since it's in the game, I was thinking about ways to improve the build system, and I thought about supports.

These supports would be built on the side of an upgraded (2nd or 3rd tier) foundation. They will be simple triangles off the foundation that allow another foundation to be built on top of them.

[Image: business-working-new-city-skyscraper-bui...AXK2P3.jpg][Image: triangle-support-beam-structure-architec...BHFY73.jpg]

I can't find a good picture of what I mean, but those get the point across. A building piece you place on the side of a foundation allowing you to place a new foundation on top of it.

Players have to place another foundation down from far enough away and down to place one above it. It gets tedious, and this will make it a lot easier for players.

It will be the dawn of a new age: The Upside Down Pyramid!
I vote for paint!! The dark brown is too drab and depressing. Lol
that could turn out nicely (see my dream house below)

My only concern is, you should only be allowed one or two extensions, to keep structures realistic. It might be complicated to introduce this within the building code and not cause more bugs, but just saying, not an expert in programming.

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I mean, I can currently build foundations around my build and get the same outcome lol, this would just save resources and be offical.
The height limitation was implemented to stop the sky bridges built over clemenster. I think the build system could use tweaks, but height is not my focus right now.

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