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Have you ever imagined all the game servers full? crowded? (15/15) on all the servers? ... Of course if they were all full you would not be able to get in ja ja: D .... I was thinking here alone: ​​"why are the servers empty? is it that the game is so bad or because it's still in the alpha? .. lol, of course not !!! .. despite being in the alpha and its eternal bugs is already a very addictive game ... wait a little !. if the game is so good, fun and most do not have the guts to unseat from your computer, then why do you have so few players?! I'll express my opinion here: * I saw that several players were banned, some because of reasons extremes and others for futile reasons without reason ... I think the players who were banned were active in the game ... It does not make sense for a newbie to be banned ... but the active ones in the game yes ... So why not give a second, third, fourth chance for all of them .. ????? Maybe with the new updates and improvements that the survius had, he s can play without messing up, respecting other players, with more motivation maybe ... I understand that a producer would like them to disrupt and disrespect his work ... my desire is to see all servers full and that every time I to play, have enough players ... ... So. .. I would like everyone to give their opinions on this post ... grateful !.
Just wait my friend, Survius Soon™ will beat Untoorned, and DayZ one day mate, one day. Plus The survius seems empty because most of the newbies are stuck in validating account. Just look at the Itch.Io survius site and U will find tons of ppl asking for validation. Pfft I gonna make memes from this Big Grin.
My opinion for why there are so few players is the same as it's always been:
- Little to no advertising. People simply don't know it exists.
- Survius lacks content to keep most players interested for very long. You can do a lot in the game, but most players prefer the game giving them something to do rather than making something to do themselves. I can decide I want to build a huge base, but the game didn't provide that challenge, I provided it; and I think that's the biggest problem Survius has.

Keep in mind, advertising a game that won't keep players playing can do more harm than good: players come, get bored, leave, and don't come back even when there is more to do. It's the same reason I dislike Unturned: I played in the early stages when there was nothing to do, got bored, and don't feel like giving it another try.

I would love to see Survius on steam, but I really hope it has enough content and is more stable when that happens, otherwise, it will get a lot of negative reviews.

As for players that get banned... There are a lot of players getting banned when they should just be warned, but there's also a lot of players being banned by the game for speed hacking. They make a new account, then they get banned again, and again.
Mohenjo_daro... I understand and respect your point of view ... but think to myself: "there are many banned players who were active in the game and accept the game with the limitations it has, without bothering with the bugs, with the frequency of crashed to another ... there are a lot of players who have been banned for futile reasons or calling another player "ugly" or calling others "idiot" ... ... good active players have been banned for nothing ... I have been a victim a few times but ...
I agree that some players have been banned for minor infractions, and they shouldn't have been. We're currently revising our system for banning and unbanning to (hopefully) prevent that from happening in the future.
That's right bro!

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