Offensive Player!
Your account: OnlyRegistered
Their name(s): ZiNnGeR
Server(s): EU2

Specific Rule(s) Broken: Colloquial language

Re-count of situation/description: I found out that his base was not closed, no sides no roof. I destroyed 5-6 boxes of him and a 3 fire barrel. As an answer to my death.

Witnesses: Maybe nivek2000

Date & Time (when it happened): 10. - 11.09.2018, his answer came today 10:30 am at my time.

Evidence: Screenshots

Additional information: Yesterday he shoots me at the antenna and steals all things from my backpack. (I knelt in front of him)

Other Comments: No

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Your report has been accepted. The user was warned that if he continues he could have a permanent ban. The ban of 2 days, i find excessive.
Thread Closed.
Thread bumped since decision changed

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