Hello, everyone.
First of all, you should know that I hesitated for too long and I truely hate to make such a post revealing a small part of the corruption most of us have been dealing with in the game that I happened to be a victim of as I've no choice but to put together what is left of my reputation.

Before I start, I just want to make sure that everyone reading this post knows that I've been banned from the game earlier for "Admission of Using Cheats (Ping Cheat)".

Regarding this matter, I admit that I've made a mistake for being honest and depending on the moderators team only and not reporting directly to Chaozz and update him instead.

Did I make a Ping Cheat?
-Yes, made it 4 Months ago in cooperation with a moderator under his supervision and it was well-known by moderator "FatalKitten" too.

Did I use a Ping Cheat?
-Yes, I used it to evade ping warnings in SA server and that was well-known by 3 moderators including "FatalKitten" aswell.

Did I use any other sort of cheats?
-No, and will never use if I get the chance.

Did I run around like an 8 years old telling players that I'm cheating/hacking?
-No, it happened once when a player accused me of doing so and it was just a joke that I never said again.

Will I make an unban appeal?
-No, I believe that I deserve my banishment for not reporting to Chaozz directly and dealing with moderators instead, however, there's no doubt that I've been a victim to corruption in a staff team that used to be more than content about me and my actions.

Here's a part of my experience about the corruption I've been dealing with since my early few days in the game and I'm taking moderator "FatalKitten" the one who banned me as the perfect examble.

As far as I know, her signs of corruption start even before I start playing the game when the respected moderator was leaking the main usernames of multiple players alt-accounts ruining their game in the process as you can see in the "Anonymity" post by Neegan.

My conclusion of that post so far is that 5 alt-accounts of players of a known clan joined a server and she mentioned their original characters names out loud after calling them "The Family". Bad thing is that there're other human beings with brains in the same server watching the chat who happened to know who's "FatalKitten" is refering to and managed to know who's who using their not-yet-zombified brain!

Simply because they didn't have a decent proof, the thread was closed, their identity was exposed and their game ruined.

Now, to my personal experience with the same moderator.
I and another player called "Sturm44" used to be close friends to moderator "FatalKitten" both in-game and in-real during my first few months in the game before our friendship started to "deteriorate".

In my first few days in the game, I saw a player and asked "FatalKitten" if she knew him to make sure if he's friendly or not on discord then this happened:

As you can see in the screenshots above, the respected moderator didn't reveal the identity or just another player, but the identity of the game owner himself AND told me to warn our friend "Sturm44" to behave in his presence. What's next?

During that time, the moderator wasn't in good terms with the clan she exposed the true identity of their alt-accounts of course in the "Anonymity" thread which she never said that she did such thing in.
When one of these players joined the server, this happened again:
[Image: Fatal_3.jpg]

By that time, I became content about asking "FatalKitten" about many accounts I find suspicious in-game:
[Image: Fatal_4.jpg]
[Image: Fatal_5.jpg]

She even leaked the identity of a fellow moderator's alt-account easily (WhiteWolf):
[Image: Fatal_8.jpg]

By that time, my friendship with "FatalKitten" started to deteriorate badly and she started to be cautious when she's leaking information about players or moderators to me: (I wrote "apollo" instead of "athena" by mistake and that's why she couldn't find any account linked to it)
[Image: Fatal_9.jpg]
[Image: Fatal_10.jpg]
[Image: Fatal_11.jpg]
[Image: Fatal_12.jpg]

That's not all the screenshots I can provide about moderator "FatalKitten" leaking original usernames to me, however, I think these screenshots are more than enough to make a zombie understand her obvious abuse of power that's polluting everyone's game starting from the noobest all the way to the creator of the game himself.

On the other hand of how she manages her job as a moderator, when I made up my legal Run and Rapid Fire PvP technique, she tried to buy my favor as usual by justifying how my PvP technique works to the staff team with absolutely zero knowledge about it which made my situation even worse in the eyes of the staff team including Chaozz himself.
[Image: Fatal_7.jpg]

Now that my friendship with moderator "FatalKitten" can't be revived for personal reasons, I think everyone knows what would happen to them when they anger a corrupted moderator.

She used my mistake of relying on a few moderators (Including herself) permission/awareness to use my Ping-Freezer instead of Chaozz's to get ban me as I became too "independent" from her which somehow "Broke her heart".

This screenshot is 4 months old and it's a crystal clear proof that "FatalKitten" was aware of the nature of my low ping since the very beginnings but she was content about it (Only worried that I'd get banned) for 4 months until she decided to doublecross me with such a shameful mischief.
[Image: Fatal_6.jpg]

I do still have more to say about corruption but I think this thread should be enough to wake anyone with the lowest sense of integrity.
I need everyone reading this post to know that I've been disgusted of myself while posting these screenshots above since it should've been kept personal, but one had to take a stand against such a major problem by any means possible and you should know that I'm not seeking anything including unbanning my account but did so only for the good of this game.

I've been tricked into doing mistakes. Live and learn, HOWEVER, I REFUSE to be sorry to anyone except to myself for putting it in such an embarrassing situation and I refuse to appeal.

Good Game.
Manhattan out.
Thanks for your thoughts. As you are accusing a member of staff from being corrupt, we will review any breach of our protocols and rules. I don't beleive she has been paid to take any of these actions, but we'll revise your information.

Apart from internal discussions we will be having within the team, I don't think there will be any other relevant contributions to this accusation, unless you want to add more supporting information. If so, give any of the mods/admins a shout and we'll reopen.

For now it' closed to avoid unnecessary baiting and arguing.

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