What do you do when your not gaming?
So what do you do when you turn off your pc? Anyone have any interesting hobbys ? This is what I do
I... don't turn off my computer... #ProgrammerLife XD
Sleep and work ...well sometimes sleep.. OK I am a master Mechanic , 5th year millwright . Laborer , Forklift operator . Husband . If it's mechanical I can fix it .
Work, schedule, study and work more, have i already said that i work? Lol
easy, I make memes! *dab*
out of the survius I am a draftsman, painter of paintings "panels, screens and tiles" I am a graffiti artist ... I am a carpenter and. .. I am capoeirsta ... but in survius I am just a "noob" Sad
I'm a musician and chef!!!
I am a wife,"married to a wonderful woman", a mom "I have the sweetest son in the whole world", and Walmart associate. I am part of the loss prevention team. I help stop theft in my store.

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