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Survius is a game that even before meeting I fell in love with the idea and the proposal never seen in any other game, there are many good games of survival in the market much more developed and that are paid, and some free also, I will not mention names, but a quick search we can find easily.

However, even with all these much more developed games that exist, Survius has something different from all of them, has its own essence, and that is why many players can not stop playing it, they stop for a while, then come back to see how are things, as it is a very addictive game and it really has an incredible proposal.

I made a lot of friends (and enemies too), but it's all part of this wonderful survival experience that the game provided, I learned a lot in this game and incredibly I'm still learning.

Unfortunately, when I see this image, it causes a sadness, because a game with such an incredible proposal has so few players that actually play, I really hope that Survius is still a big game, and that the lack of players is more no a problem.

Greetings everyone.

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Yeah, Survius has something special that keeps players coming back, but it also lacks things to do after awhile.

I also think it's way better when you make friends with other players. I kept playing when I first joined because I met a cool player, and we formed a clan. We kept playing for about a year until he left, and that's about when I stopped playing as much.
I believe that in an open world game when you have total freedom to do what you want, there is always something interesting to do, just think and have the creativity to look for interesting things, but for this it takes players to share this experience , because actually playing alone things become repetitive and perhaps not very interesting.

When I started I always died, then the guys who killed me became my friends after, nowadays everybody stopped playing, but I was able to make friends with new friends that extend to this day.
I really hope Chaozz make an update soon and try to promote the game somehow..
I hate to see the game like this Sad
Survius is already under Steam Greenlit. be patient bois. survius will rekt Untoorned and DayZ soon
Not sure anything will come of the greenlight since I don't think it was successful before greenlight was retired
(08-31-2018, 06:41 PM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: Not sure anything will come of the greenlight since I don't think it was successful before greenlight was retired

*sad violin starts playing* ;-;

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