Wall of Clemenster
Hello, Survians!
Lately, me and my friend Toolman have been working on a massive wall for the town of Clemenster in US1.

We were planning to finish building the wall in a matter of 24 hours for easier maintaining, but it took us more than 48 hours of constant working against all expectations.

What is it for?
-A project as big as this shouldn't and is not for the favor of a player or any clan, but it's built to become PK Free major settlement for EVERYONE where you can trade, stay for the night and ask for any sort of help in.

How is it working?
-Most of us are English speakers only, so we chose US1 to ensure the perfect communication with most of the new players that join US1 and eventually make more friends by inviting them to the safety of the wall, trade with them for a little amount of planks and teach them about the game mechanics and hopefully try to build the next Survius generation.

Do we shoot the crap out of anyone who approach the wall?
-NO! We try to communicate with them and welcome them in peace. It's a PK Free zone as i said and we have no intentions at all to do otherwise unless we're really forced to defend it. We just ask them to inform us before they come back next time.

The strategy above has proved to be successful and some new players got more excited about the game and came back to trade and ask for help.

Speaking of myself, I stop PvP/Hunting in Survius regardless of which server until we reach a reasonable amount of players and I ask every fellow hunter to follow my path for the sake of the game.

We're the fellow Survians.. This is the Wall of Clem..
[Image: Wall_of_Clem.png]
Keep the wall and continue helping new players please. And I am very sorry for the mess I made of things. Love ya man
(08-28-2018, 05:35 PM)WhiteWolf Wrote: Keep the wall and continue helping new players please. And I am very sorry for the mess I made of things. Love ya man

Much love to you, Wolfy.. All of us really hope to see you again anytime soon.
About what you call "mess", you actually did nothing wrong at all. It was our problem not to explain the goals of the project and the true purpose of the wall earlier which lead our fellow players and friends to question our actions in goodwill out of love to the game and we respect that. Smile
Thank you
Manhattan have help me so much, thanks brow! And this construct is cooooooooolll Smile Big Grin
This is the World War Z but in Survius.

well yeah here my reaction about the wall

Why i must come and trade if all loots are free for all players and can be found everywhere???Im a noob and already come inside town and looted...So much work you did for no reason...You dont craft or own something special to trade...so wall is pointless....
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... lol...
I have never asked anyone to come trade with me. I have all I need, I have been known to give to other players. As for the wall, it was done to keep us busy while we wait for the next update to fix the bugs. And nothing we do is pointless...
nice work Smile

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