The Wall Topic Continued from Family Matters
Keep it do not tear it down.  Like I said, it's totally accessible.  People can get in and loot etc. Too much time and work went into it to just tear it down. And you are in fact helping people. You kept out the people trying to kill the ones that you were helping. I don't see the real issue. It's not illegal to have that wall up. Anyone having a major issue about it should take it to Chaozz and get his opinion.
(08-27-2018, 08:32 PM)Neegan Wrote: I'm no one to tell anyone what to do all i know is one of my greatest friends is gone because of this situation so i felt the need to voice my opinion and back her cause i do agree with her 100% like i said I'm on us2 so in all honesty it doesn't effect me other than pushing people away possibly.

Sorry ,I get you have to back her . But telling outright lies I just can't allow . I have never HARASSED a player on this game in any way shape or form . Miss B and I talked . She said she was new . I asked if she needed anything , she said  no . I let it go . saw her a on a day later . she was deer hunting with a bow . so I laughed and said you ain't no noob . she told me her previous ingame name .asked me to keep it a secret ,which I have and will as long as she wants . I pointed out some ways to keep her none noob from being discovered so fast . That was all . we say Hi every day . so please explain how that is Harassment ......
If any of this was directed at me i can't answer bro cause i don't know anything about this part of the subject matter I was only discussing the wall situation and I never accused you of harassing anyone if that was directed towards me. I know you're a very dedicated player and an upright guy i will vouch for that as well. I was not trying to come off as a prick in anyway to you or Manhattan again both of you guys are my friends and in no way did i mean any disrespect.
Hello everybody,

I have been talking with Toolman on discord and he explained what the whole deal was with the wall. I saw only part of what was happening and I should have stayed on to see what else happened. My apologies for the uproar I caused. Good thing I am not an admin anymore. LOL

I want to retract what I said and hope that I can heal the wounds I caused among friends. What they are doing is an awesome way to help new players and I hope that they can forgive me in time, as I do hope to return to the game soon.

It would seem that this game has a very strong hold on me. I can not stop thinking about it and miss it more everyday.

Much love and respect towards Toolman and Manhattan for the wall... And all the others that have helped with it.
don't worry if I had some bombs i will try to make a change
Wow, just wowwww, finally the issue has been laid to rest.

Have fun & be safe yal!
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