Hi, Hey, Hello, What's up?!
Hello fellow Survians (yes patented, i will sue for copy rights lol j/k), 

How are you all doing? Hoping all is well.

Just tappin into the forum bit just to say hi to you all, see how everyone's doing?  There's no real reason for this post, like i said just checking in and to offer my help if anyone needs it.

I noticed not alot of players have been logging in like they used to.  That could be one of two things, 1). It's summer time here in America and everyone is going on vacations and doing their own summer things.  2).  Everyone is anxiously awaiting an update (cracks the whip at Chaozz, get busy buddy lol again j/k).  Let's keep in mind that Chaozz is a busy man and has real life things to attend to as well.  I'm sure the update will be well worth the wait.

Speaking of summer vacations, anyone have an awesome vacation spot they would recommend?  I'm having a somewhat boring summer myself.  I mean the relaxation is nice but nothing super fun & exciting is being done other than Survius.  Any suggestions would be great!

OK enough of my useless rambling.  Hope to see you all in game!  Have fun & be safe!.  Guard them booties from them zombie bites, i hear they're murder. LoL

** gets back to work on the update **
(08-16-2018, 12:16 AM)chaozz Wrote: ** gets back to work on the update **

*Aims his Crossbow at Chaozz while he's working on the update*
I'm new to the island survius and I know that before many here I'm still a baby kkkkk ... game since February of this year and I still feel like a goldfish among the sharks. anyway .. chaozz, you are the master ... send me to see the next updates, since the updates are always to improve the game, so I wait calmly: D ... ha ... and my dream is to power the chaozz to find on the island survius to get it right up close with an ax kkkkkk ...
Really??? No heyyyyy hiiii hello fatal??? hows it going? Go to the Bahamas, Go to Egypt, Go to Hawaii??? Nothing? 

Chaozz steps in mentions getting to work with the update and yall are all over it.. PFFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(remembers to crack the whip lightly next time) lol
Hiya, Fatal Smile
Well Hello there, Fatal!

So you DID have a break from the game? (I haven't seen you online in quite some time, but I decided that was due more to my ridiculous hours, than your absence.)

Did you do anything fun...like maybe...oh I dunno...visit Egypt??
(if so...I'm expecting my "I went to the Pyramids-and now know what my next Survius base is gonna look like" T-Shirt, in the mail! Big Grin )

Hope to see you soon!
If Zip get's that t-shirt I want one to...Thanks
Lol ZIPP!!!! Hey girl, no i didn't get to go to Egypt yet, i can't wait though! It's gonna happen and sure thing on the T-Shirt

You two WhiteWolfie, maybe we can travel to Egypt together some time.  Wouldn't that be fun!
To Antarctica

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