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(08-27-2018, 04:35 PM)Neegan Wrote: Whatever fatal

Just like ww said this is some of the reason we have 4 players on at a time. It's one thing to "lock" 1 person or clans base down but this is a different level.......

And as for the 5 player comment if there was that many on at a time you're right we could do something but guess what there isn't so now we all just deal with it right? Guess so......

Sorry Neegan but I have to disagree . we had more new players on yesterday Than I have seen on in a long time . All but 2 were "let in" and they only died because they came to kill us or those inside .Also they were not new players . Kole who was dodging a ban and HairyBlueBerry who just came to kill us . All others came and went as they pleased .
Besides  you started this lol we have been talking about it since the Arena build. The  : think we can ? How do we do it? Dam it's gonna take a lot of planks.Thankfully no one destroyed our stash of plank crates until after it was done .(Hairy I believe) It's amazing how many places you can hide crates in clem .
(08-27-2018, 07:29 PM)DarkCoder Wrote: Thread repoened. Any discussion may continue but move the wall thing as said

SMACK!! Then why did you mention having a new thread started to continue the wall topic if you  planned on reopening this one? BAD DC BAD! lol
Oh damn... People ain't gonna listen... Fine closed again :/
This thread will be unlocked later, but will remain closed for the time being.

If you want to continue the wall discussion, I copied the posts to the new thread:

Keep it civil Smile

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