Real Men
Real men punch their meat and cloth out of their deer like a piƱata. No gun, xbow, bat, axe or even machete required just five fingers of manly fury. They also play as a woman, and wear a funny hat.

P.S. if you've lost your hands in an axe fight, had them gnawed off by zombies, built a tower base high enough to try to grab onto the helicopter's rotor blades in an attempt to hitch a ride off the island, or in some other manly Survius activity, it is acceptable to punch the deer with your bloody stubs. This earns you bonus Man points.

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Nice, but don't real men also wear pink?
(08-08-2018, 02:02 PM)WhiteWolf Wrote: Nice, but don't real men also wear pink?

lol I actually thought about that, but was no way to change shirt for pic without loosing the deer despawning Sad
Oh dude u punch deer and doing other stuff... hehe... but well can you do this?... Jump from the bridge and then falling down trough the map without hurt. *dabbing*

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