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why not shooting the zombies 4 ore 5 times. there are bullets enough. same for players ( good when there is a clan war Wink
It would be nice to be able to fish. I know, I have pestered you about this before. Also maybe add wild turkeys to hunt. Rare to find but would be fun to try.

Also could you fix the hats on female players? The forehead shows through the hat, looks weird.

Love ya and keep up the good work.
F.P. View
First person view would reduce the game lag and improve the game speed by zooming to the front of the players by 10%
it also help us to watch and stalk better.
My reactions going down the list...

Scrap metal should be used to build some things, but iron bars are better for it (require less than the scrap, or make stronger things). Forcing players to get a toolbox, pickax, ax, and forge just to make a door seems like overkill... There's a lot of things we already are forced to find if we want a base, adding to the list doesn't sound like fun for new players.

Are you going to make tree models be what the players hits, or still (close to) vertical terrain? Will we still be able to chop wood from cliffs?

Are trees going to disappear like rocks, or will they stay infinite resources?

Any plans on saving player data when they lose connection? It would make crashes a lot more tolerable.

Are you going to redo the item system to handle players picking up/transferring items at the same time? (Process the first request to arrive, deny any attempts after that). That would fix quite a few issues in the game, and would probably allow you to save player data before a crash/connection disruption (no using it to duplicate items).
all of that list sounds promising. There's loads you could take from already suggested stuff. In line with what you're working on I can think of:

-Getting scrap metal from world items (like cars and fences)? Since we will need to craft iron bars, where will the scrap metal be coming from? Havig Manhattan around, im not convinced many people will risk it going for the air drop xD

-Craftable stone weapons and tools. I can revise my old SketchUp models to help with this. It will be something easy for new palyers to find and craft. You can check some ideas here but that might change the craft system slightly more too:

-Add sticks or branches spawning around the map, like stones. Only if you are thinking of adding the stone tools and weapons. Otherwise, you would need an axe to obtain wood, which makes a stone axe pointless xD

Let me know if you need any help with models for any new stuff. I've been improving quite a bit in Blender and Unity during this time Smile
(08-01-2018, 09:50 AM)chaozz Wrote:
  • I want to remove the tedious registration form from the game, and create a website for registration

  • This website will also allow you to login and check:
    • your personal details like email address, etc
    • your donation state
    • your inventory on each server
    • etc

This is awesome.

I think, if possible, remove the background image from ESC menu (
Despacito 2 as Survius main theme music Big Grin
with so many great hidden little valleys . would it be possible to add small streams ,ponds,or springs for a water source . I heard fishing bouncing around chats . which would be a great idea and could be done in these as well . 
 Also decay time on building lengthened some . I personally have bases on 4 servers . and would like more than hobo huts . but spend 90% of my play time repairing as it is .
 Maybe add an axe and toolbox to a wood shed or other in Great Vliet 
 And lastly 1/2 or 1/4 foundations  for building stairs up through. 
 Thanks for the great game so far .
How about bringing back the return of planks for breaking walls and foundations??? Or possibly adding 1 or 2 more small towns between vliet and closed bridge? And fishing for sure!!!+1

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