Next update: ideas welcome

bring back hunting rifle...
+1 for having less servers and more people in 1 server.... more craziness = happier play time!!!!!
It would be nice if there was a message on the server selection screen stating "Having a ping over 250 will kick you after the 3rd warning" so that players are aware that happens.
^^It would be nicer to have random tips messages during server loading, signing in or signing out.
^^ I agreed ^^
I thought about sounding a subtle beep whenever a new message from SYSTEM appears in chat. or perhaps for every message. just so you know something needs your attention.

And I will try one server for each region for the next build. This will however mean a loss of buildings on US2 and EU2 Tongue
(or merging them, but that might lead to buildings overlapping)
I am on US2... Sad
I can merge buildings, no problem. But we need to carefully plan that.

There can not be a building on the same place on US1, and I need to know who built it (just you, or in clan), etc.

No rush, still working on the next build.

But I will open a topic when the time is there, where people can request a move.
(08-06-2018, 10:58 AM)DarkCoder Wrote: A fishing animation... It would be so good.

But traps would work as well. However the animal traps don't work though (no rabbit or deer Tongue )

I have trapped deer with the traps before, you have to run them towards the trap for it to work.
(08-07-2018, 08:46 PM)Manhattan Wrote: Snow demands bigger boobs and butts for female characters but too shy to say so Big Grin

I've mentioned this many times before, the females need boobs & female butts. They look like men with female skins.

I also mentioned before, wheat seeds, corn seeds, potato seeds.  chickens as well that lay eggs, feathers can be used for certain things also.

Also bring back the chance of getting a seed from a tomato plant when you harvest tomatoes that you planted.

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