Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well. Recently I returned to play the Survius, but the gameplay of the same ends up being cloying, walk the whole map and generally we do not find places to loot, I think it is already time to put option of planting fruit, a form from fence to base, which could plant and protect the place. I believe that I could already put the horse as animal transport of the game, so as not to disturb could control the amount of horses that could spawn and be domesticated. Game is a little too repetitive.

I also think it's time for an improvement in the support forum and create a subfone for Portuguese only and others for Spanish.

I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian.
There are already plantable tomatoes, buildable player bases and objects and enough loots. Perhaps you didn't look so hard. Ask someone online in the chat for help/Press F1/take a look at

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