Game update
Good morning everyone!

Lately there are so few players on the servers, there is not much new at the moment. Maybe a new update might give us some more joy.

Not wanting to press, but it's been a long time since we got a new update, and I think it would work well and maybe it would encourage some players to be more frequent in the game.

Again, I do not want to push for a new update, but here I leave my opinion that maybe a new update was good at the moment to take advantage of some news in the game and maybe with this appear more players.
I agree with you!  Smile +1
I agree too.
Add +1 for me as well!!!
I agree too. +1
I agree too! +1

To be totally honest, I have struggled to keep myself motivated to work on the game. That is not because of this awesome community, but is 100% me.

I have not abandoned the project and have been slowly working on bug fixes. So please have patience. It *IS* coming.
We are patient and we know you won't abandon Survius... So do we... We won't abandon Survius even if you add rainbow unicorns to kill us Tongue
I agree even before this post was made +1
You know a successful game when you see its old players coming back to it after years of non-play. Existing players got faith in it, new players still arrive and get addicted. Many of the players who quit are still peeking at the forums from time to time ready to come back at any moment when they find the chance.

Chaozz, you've created something worthy of investing your skills and spare-time in. Make it more successful and we're with you to help with everything we can.
Thanks guys, that means more than you can imagine.
(07-24-2018, 11:36 PM)chaozz Wrote: Thanks guys, that means more than you can imagine.

Hey i´m back long time ago i was active player, now i´m downloading the game again and donated 25€ i think, hope the project will not stop.

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