Cannot connect to servers
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

This morning, I decided to return to playing Survius after quite a long time. I downloaded the latest version of the game this morning and have not been able to connect to any of the servers ever since.

The ping numbers beside the servers have been way above 250 ever since morning.


So, I decided to do a speed test for my Internet connection and it shows that my ping is slightly above 60ms, which means I should be able to join at least one of the servers.


I'm attatching screenshots of both the pings in the game and the speed test I took. Please let me know what the issue might be. Thank-you.

The ping test you did was the ping test to your nearest Access Point, not the server locations. You can try doing a ping test to APs of different server locations as in the games like SA, US or EU,

For example use this site and check locations like Netherlands, US, SG etc to check it properly
I've been experiencing high ping/ problems and I've been troubleshooting using some steps but as far as I've noticed in my 3 months experience in the game, the ping has been stable unless I put my network on load.

Maybe you should follow these simple steps below to help you troubleshooting and help the admins to assist you more efficiently:
  1. You can try to temporarily make sure that your PC which you're using to play is the only device connected to your network and everything else is disconnected if possible.
  2. You can try to temporarily disable every internet-demanding program/application.
  3. Mentioning the date of the last time you played the game normally without experiencing that high ping issue is also recommended.
Maybe there have been a change in the hosts location after you took a break from the game and that affected your ping though.
Hello, mainly the problem of a high ping is of both hosts, but it's always the problem of your ISP (internet service provider)

1. A common cause is the distance of the host, that is, the further away you are, the longer your packet of data will take to reach the survius host.

2. Routing, this is one of the main problems, since your provider manages the route in which your packets will be sent and is generally the longest and wrong that causes the ping.

3. The technology that is used to provide Internet (adsl, coaxial, fiber optic, etc.) is also a problem, since there may be an error that generates a loss of packets.
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