Somes Ideas
Greetings!, I think that is necessary the next:

1) Auto-Run: The players always are run but for this, is required keep two keys pressed.  I think that the players can run with press one button and desactivate pressing again.

2) Become a Zombie: When a player die for infection or a zombie, It would be fun transform into one until he die for other player or write /kill name.

3) Especial Zombies: Is funny have some especials Zombies more faster and more resistant, also that of the minimum probability of providing protective equipment and a different weapon. Example Armored Zombie (this zombie can be a police of swat and kill he will give a part of us equipment).

Ok thats is all for now and thanks for read ^^
I think asll of these have been suggested before, but no problem with that lol.

I personally don't need auto run, but the shift key is easier for me to reach than other's. Could be a nice addition.

Becoming a zombie would be cool, and it would mean there's a zombie guarding your stuff lol, but I don't know who's zombie pool it would be put into.

Some zombies that are stronger or faster than others would give us some variety, that's for sure.
+1 becoming a zombie that would be kinda fun i think
I agree. I would love to be a zombie and chase players around... +1
¡Hi! Thanks for read, and I'm sorry for give ideas already suggested.  I remembered another:

4) Zombies Invasion: Every week for one day a lot of zombies occupy the villages and/or surround the bases of the survivors.

I love the idea of killing waves of zombies, but I understand in the possibility to crash, so I just want that idea to be present when It's possible.
That one's sorta been suggested. Don't worry about posting ideas that have been suggested, means the community supports it Wink

I like more zombies, it is a zombie game after all, but currently the game can barely handle the zombies it has... Once it's running better, I would love zombie waves.

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