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Right. im on the side of game keys. But as we seen with other games keys can be cracked or brute forced but im sure that will be less than what you got right now. Is the game keys a one off or will you have to get a new key every update? The player base might go down but if you could get it to more people then that might out weigh that. The only thing that i would say is once you charge for the game more critics will come out. If you go on steam and put in survival and see all the games that are about £5 you can see what your up against. I Hope this game would be great for you i think it just needs a big boost to help it on its way
Thanks Kirsin. I mean one key, valid for every version. No need to re-buy after an update. A key will be bound to your account.

Putting it on Steam is also an option, but this costs another $100. Smile
Ive always criticized the game to help the game. Weather Steam is right for you or not im unsure at this moment. But i wish you best of luck
If you'll sell game keys, people who already have the game will also have to buy one or only new players?
Because I can't buy the game and if old players will have to pay too i'm gonna have to quit playing..
Anyway you're doing a great job!
If I start using game keys, it will be for everyone. And thank you Smile
Chaozz, you have made a great game and I'd hate to see it die because of Brazilian trolls or lack of players.

You are always asking for money but I think you are approaching this the wrong way.

I think microtransactions would be a good way to fund your game. Like others have said, aesthetic items are big sellers in F2Ps. You could also have some sort of player package, where a player pays a certain amount and they get certain items upon spawning, ie a gun, a crossbow, a safe, etc...

I also think the size of the game's community is one of the reasons why you can't get any money raised. This game is very obscure and there are very few videos on Youtube about this game. I know it's a risk, but instead of waiting for $100 to be raised, I think it would be a lot faster to pay the $100 yourself and get the game on Steam, then let the Steam players fund your game with microtransactions.

Another option is crowdfunding, such as Indiegogo or Patreon. People who do not even play this game can donate, and a well-advertised campaign could bring in lots of money.
In addition to the great ideas of MrSkittles , you could also create paid proffis√£o packages, in which the player pays a certain amount and begin to play with a professional such as medical, police, fireman, etc., and also start with their tools and uniforms.
Quote:You are always asking for money but I think you are approaching this the wrong way.

I am not **always asking for money**. I have sunk in about 600 to a 1000 euros in this project without ever asking something in return. It's just recently I have come to see that this game can only survive if I stop pumping money in and I come up with some sort of income.

It would also be nice to be paid for my efforts. Y'know..

Microtransactions is all fine and dandy, but I have more immediate problems to deal with, which are hackers. And I am not paying the Steam fee, because of everything I tried to explain in the article you're currently responding on. Smile
I did not even realize there was an article on the main site, my apologies.

I think you should really consider crowdfunding as a method of income. Even if you don't get much from it, $100-$200 is better than nothing, and I'm sure you will get way more donations from crowdfunding than waiting for players to donate.

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