The lack of updates
the only problem i see with crowdfunding is that theres so many games of this type. i think youve got to find out are ppl only play cos its free or because they enjoy it and if add a key would just make ppl not even try the game.
If im honest i wouldnt of even tryed this game if it wasnt made by chaozz
That is my concern as well. Crowdfunding is really not a viable option.

Charging 2.99 for the game will drastically drop the playerbase. Though I'd only need 33 sold copies to be able to fund it to go on Steam.
i like the ideal of game key, this game is very fun to play and there are glitches that need to be fix so i would love to pay to play this game.
Here is my suggestion, pay for a key every years, like 5$ or 10$, It's cheap, including free updates and remain with no paying item in game to keep it equal for everyone. Also add the option to create our own server with invited players only, so we could play and have fun far from trolls, I suggest 50$ per year for a private server.

I'm ready to pay to play this game with a great potential if I can have some fun away from the BR and trolls !
They are the principal reason why the servers are empty, all my friends have leave the game, unfortunately, so playing alone is less fun.
I am currently working on a more robust version of the game. Afterwards I will look into a payment system, or perhaps Steam. But first let's focus on making the game a bit less trollable.
Hi Chaozz!

I´ve just discovered your game, I´ve played it a little bit. I liked it because I had no lag (I´m playing on a laptop and I have lag usually).

I´ve read your post about updates and I can´t reply on the forums so I wanted to reply here to you.

I would suggest you to follow the same way as the game "unturned".

I mean:

1) Be on Steam. Okey are 100€. But Steam can give you a loooooot of players.

2) The game should be free to play. I think this could be the best. You have to pay in other games like h1z1 or Dayz. But I think F2P will work best with Survius.

3) Sell Cosmetic Items. This is more of a Psicological thing. If people have
to pay 5€ to play it... the won´t probably do it.
Instead if they buy five items (1+1+1+1+1) they will be paying the same (5€) but with less effort.

4) Have some Premium Cosmetic Items pack for Vip users.

(Valued more or less in 5€. I don´t know if 5€ or 3€ or 2€, I don´t know. If I were you I will investigate what other people have done with their games and then I will think what should I do. Also I will speak it with other people [family, friends or people who knows about this stuff])

Hope this tips are useful for you, now I´m going to continue playing and testing your game.


First of all thanks for your work,
here are couple recommendations from my perspective after playing it for a day:

1) It is nice to have early access but people are obviously not gonna play seriously or pay for wet alpha.
You need to hook your customers with something they like and ask to pay for what they need. That's a base business model, now how to use it within open game community:
- first of all, nobody needs complicated building or crafting features and over 4000 types of hats if basic fighting/shooting is unpredictable and AI is boring. Make this very basic functionality "enjoyable, attractive and promising" and release it as a complete product. This should stop newbie rotation and increase the community, IMHO.
when first step is done you may offer some very cheap custom items (for fun): the more you pay/donate for it, the less chance to drop it on ground when die. the small chance to get a rare or purchased drops should make people play it more serious and bring minor updates back.
- second step is to make community responsible for the game. you can tell them - "yes, it's a free and nicely tuned game, but there are not too many features and if you want them, vote and donate for them".
Community should be able to identify what's more important and collect some amount of donations to start a development. this should be maximum transparent, they should see donation progress.
after this step, folks will be ready to pay for more expansive items and this will support your game servers. but be careful, cuz this can ruin the game balance.

2) you will definitely loose many players by attaching the game to any DRM (like steam) because people hate DRMs and what's most important - it doesn't solve your problem because creating another DRM account to hack a free game is not a problem. hackers usually hack for fun or reward... try to talk to them and fix the problem. they will hack you even more for usage of DRM Undecided

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