Amigo de paz
For one do not call me a liar....there may be a misunderstanding between us due to speaking different languages but when i get home this evening i will post the ss i have and people can decide for themselves. And you say you haven't seen me on here in months? Lol i just killed you twice either Monday or Tuesday in craft behind the hangars so don't you lie and you was on when Bob_Marley and i was having our lil shoot out just the other day. You flood the chat more than anyone I've seen on here and razz people over and over. I have more than 1 account and i have seen you do the exact same things you come here and complain about. As for threatening you lol most players know me i don't threaten i just do what i have to do I'm not going to tell you then you can prepare for it. Just chill out.......the term for you is passive aggressive...
"As for threatening you lol most players know me .... then you can prepare for it. Just chill out.......the term for you is passive aggressive... "
I do not even know you, I do not know your name, your age, which server you play, I would understand why all this hate. Put your pride aside, and I'm sorry. and understand that this desire to punish me, will not help in the development of the game.
Again, I am very small near the crowds that comes to defame me here, (as you said "most people know u"
and this can help you in the collective defamation), but in the game is that who sees who bait who. And you're really making things up through baits now. I'm sorry that every day I find people like you saying that I threatened to hack them, when I said no, no, no, but the person wants to defame me and punish me, and don't want to aplogyze me, proud attitude.
Excuse me, and forget.

I just used my user CP editor to express myself in favor of world peace.
When and what did i threaten you with?? You have yet to say?? And it's really odd that now you say you don't know me and what server i play when you just stated in the other post you haven't seen me in months? This is a lie now. When i came on us2 the other night you was on with fatal and as soon as i came in the server you said my name? @fatalkitten am i lying?? So this post alone proves quite a bit. I've also said twice now i have no intent on getting you in trouble or banned 
Just stop baiting players that's all I'm asking.
The dove translates everything. I want world peace. In the world of the survius also.

I did not mean to offend you when I said that I have not seen you online for months, maybe you were online and I did not notice, and we did not talk, so I do not remember. Do not be so proud and be in favor of peace too.Let's be friends man. We do not need all this war, do not be mad at me because I have nothing against you.
Stop being proud and let the dove speak for itself.

The fact that you have more intimacy with one moderator or another does not mean that I should be defamed by both, do not ask your friends for help. Just show the evidence. ^^

You should tell me this by private message, and not be creating topics to see if someone supports you. If you want to report, post the photos and the report.
Last I checked, you were more than willing to keep this topic going in the other thread, Amigo, and you've kept it going in this thread. If I were you, I'd just tell the truth, because your story has changed a lot more than Neegan's story.
Mohenjo, I just want some evidence that I did something illegal.
You are giving support to something without context and without evidence.

And I would like to know the points where I changed the story, as you mentioned.

And I'm telling the truth. And I've already apologized. But if the only solution is to fight again, and now with a moderator, then I will no longer respond to the topic. CLOSED FOR ME.
Lol ok man whatever......still not telling me about how i threatened you. And you didn't talk to me??? Are you delusional?? As for moderator intimacy I'm pretty sure most mods on here are not to fond of me lol and i didn't create this for back up man I'm not pming you cause i do not trust you and all i wanted was verification that you did know me and have talked to's whatever say you want peace?? Lol ? prove it.
Thank you mohenjo daro i truly appreciate you taking the time to notice and look at the threads and how they change. Again this thread was not to get you in trouble amigo i will post the screen shots if you truly want them on here but it may jeopardize you. It's your call amigo. They happened the day after you accused collector of hacking your base. Or maybe the next day I'm not 100% sure which.
I am very sad to see that all this could have been said by PM, but you choose it was preferable to see if anyone would support something unfounded.

Monhejo said: ""Last I checked, you were more than willing to keep this thread going in the other thread, Amigo, and you've kept going in this thread."" That topic was about something I had evidence of, so I used it. Neegan came down accusing me. And I answered him.

I do not want to bounce here, I think it's fruitless, and unfounded, since it's something I've already apologized for, and I really do not understand this hatred of Neegan over a misunderstanding. Maybe all Neegan wants is attention and someone to support him.
You're in your rights to ignore the topic, hopefully you ignore in game chat as well if you don't want to fight.

As for evidence, users don't really need evidence to make a complaint, and I'm pretty sure over 70% of complaints don't have evidence. It just means admins won't be taking action. However, if a post goes too far, it may be considered slander or harassment, and admins will take action.

And I'll agree with Neegan, I don't think he has many close admin friends, I personally think you both of you neutrally.

P.S. sorry that chaozz hasn't had the time to look at your ban, slayzombies, you might try PMing him your apology and appeal threads if you haven't already.

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