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Unfortunately I come here to do another report. Something that has been happening for days and constantly. I think toxic players do not play well.
Every time I'm online the player 'Jhunnyor' as soon as him gets on, starts sending offensive messages or threatening to hack other people who are online, and today especially Him came bringing personal information, like my name and profession, saying him would be inside my computer through my IP, but this makes the game annoying because I'm here to survive not to answer interrogation or be hacked or scared. Note that in some pictures, I'm not even talking to him.

img1: " Amigo_da_paz:  You know I'm married, stop sending offensive messages all the time, it's toxic
 Junnyor: She came to get a male.  "
This day, everything that I was saying, he typed that after. All day insistently.

Then he started saying that he had the IP of 'one person' and would be just waiting for her to be nauseated to do something.
 Junnyor: I'm just waiting her to be annoying..

 Junnyor: kkk
Gtboss: yes hahahaha

 Junnyor:  You can do so much 
Junnyor: Gt... if you had 'someone's IP...


Junnyor: I got your 'ip'
*me and my clanmates talking*
Junnyor: I got your ip, ok? Do not send me anymore messages

So, he started saying that it was by a message that I sent him in that forum, that gave to him my ip address.
Send me a message on the forum also so I can get your ip


Notice that I was not even talking to him, but he said my husband's profession and my personal name as a way to "prove that he would have information"
Rubber effects, I liked it.
Junnyor: Must use 6b pencils, I think.
Junnyor: Jessica, designer? congratulations...


As I began to get sick of the game, and I was off, my husband logged in and he continued with the threats. And sayed that downloaded some drawings on my pc.
totofsm:How are you on my pc?
Junnyor: Your pc has some ugly little things, man.
totofsm: me...yep...
Junnyor: Is that you, or Jessica who draws?
Junnyor: I downloaded some drawings

junnyor: gt .. if you had the IP of a person you hate, you would do what?

junnyor: It's scary right?
junnyor: Is that jessica or toto?
img8: continuation

Junnyor: You can do so much hahahaha
gtboss: depends hahahaha
gtboss: i dont know

junnyor: gt .. if you had the IP of a person you hate, you would do what?

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so you can not play more ... amigo_da_paz provokes all the players and then comes here in the forum to ask to be banned ... is it, so simple?! ... will do this until all those who kill the friend_of_paz?
Is that how you play?

Your Report was successful and reported player "Jhunnyor" has been banned from the game. Thread closed until further action by other admins.
Banned player may appeal following the Unban Appeal Gudelines

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