Version 0.11.1 Bugs
Report bugs for version 0.11.1 here in a reply if it is not already listed in this first post.

Use this form to report a bug: Wrote:In-game username: .............
Explain the bug in detail: .............
Proof if applicable (Screenshot; Video, etc): .............

Confirmed bugs:

- When breaking the foundations, walls or crates, don't drop planks (same with backpacks giving cloth)
- Can only hide corpses of zombies spawned by you -- FIXED IN NEXT BUILD
- Campfires don't make sound -- FIXED IN NEXT BUILD
- Zombie loot sometimes falls through the ground --- FIXED IN NEXT BUILD
- Terrain sometimes blocks sleeping bags from being placed on a foundation --- INHERENT TO BUILD SYSTEM, WILL NOT FIX
- Spawning when logging in sometimes spawns the player at a default spawn instead of where they logged out
- Days are sometimes reset to 0 or weird numbers
- Sleeping bags and tents don't always work as spawn points
- Backspace gives unwanted message on any player built items --- FIXED IN NEXT BUILD
- Foundation R and backspace key bug (Explanation)
- Building proximity bug (Explanation)
- Loot in Hunter Blinds sometimes  spawns in the floor and can't be picked up (this happens at other spawns, too, but it's very common at Hunter Blinds)
- When a trap is triggered (by player/zombie), instead of being disabled they stay as they are and also spawn another trap in that place, technically duplication in trigger PROOF
- Tomatoes don't give seeds upon harvest. --- BY DESIGN, TO STOP OVERGROWTH BECAUSE SEEDS SPAWN AS LOOT
- Players aren't always kicked for high ping Proof

- Zombies cause lag
- Objects sometimes require repair even though it shouldn't be decaying
- Can pick up tents needing repair
- Campfires doesn't work when placed too close to another object. --- HOW IS THIS A BUG?
- Obstacles need repair every 2 days.
- Crouching doesn't shrink HitBox

- Doors appear to shut but are open to other players --- Admin confirmed with player
- Deer don't always disappear when harvested
- Crash screen doesn't appear, screen freezes causing inventory loss.
- Players are able to shoot through walls
- Surrender Mode Press E to empty Backpack Doesn't work,

- Some bugs [3] with the proximity issue

Need confirmation/proof:
- Crashing more often than normal ---STILL UNCONFIRMED, WORKS FOR ME
- Loot (scrap metal) in backpacks disappear when you die ---STILL UNCONFIRMED, WORKS FOR ME
- Loot in crates sometimes disappear ---STILL UNCONFIRMED, WORKS FOR ME
- Can't build when zombie bodies are close ---FIXED WHEN HIDING CORPSES GETS SOLVED
- Don't need logs to turn a fire barrel on---BY DESIGN, YOU ONLY NEED MATCHES
- Tomatoes doesn't recover food and thirst both.

*Admins and moderators can edit this post, and add the error found, clearly with the corresponding proof.
I am crashing repeatedly every 10-15 min
Also only the person that the zombie spawns to can hide the body
This is confirmed as I have seen it...Zombies can only be hidden by the one they spawn to.Also tents and backpacks drop nothing when you break them.
^ Confirmed too. You also can't build when zombie corpses are near.

You don't need logs in your inventory to turn on fire barrels now
Can anyone else confirm Cannibal's reports? Otherwise pictures work, Cannibal
If I fix the ability to remove zombie corpses again, then that bug is fixed. The firebarrel report is by design. You just need matches now.

I noticed campfires don't make the fire sound.
some zombie loot goes through the ground and you wont be able to build near that object. has happened with matches and scrap metal.
(03-18-2018, 03:39 AM)roman_hg Wrote: some zombie loot goes through the ground and you wont be able to build near that object. has happened with matches and scrap metal.

If you back out and come back in the object, be it a zombie or left over ghost loot as i call it disappears and you can build.
you mean just relogging makes the fallen object disappear? I will try that. Thanks for the info
Yes i been doing it for a while now.

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