Hackers Come Out from Nowhere
recently, at least for 3-4 days.
i've noticed that some players can come out from nowhere into the game.
all of them are brazilians.
thought those were bugs in the game. but it seems it's not.

joined/started a server alone. and all of sudden after a few moments, a player left.
yet there was no notification about anyone else joined the server after me.
it happened quite frequently now.

another issue; few of them either by accident or probably showing off, typed a code or something like certain words. to cheat the game. to spawn/respawn and to generate drinks/food.
don't remember exactly each of those words and codes.

when there's another player from italy and we were chatting, we realised that those are not just a chat.
because those words/codes are in english.

chaozz, this is a good game project. it has potentials.
but, people may not like or be able to deal with ghost everywhere.
who can also generate drinks and food anywhere in the game.

thanks for your good project and efforts.
best wishes for you and your works.
i can only fight hackers if people donate, so i can buy tools to fight the problem.
wish we will be able to support your works better.
you can, by donating. if every player donated $1, i'd have all the funding i'd ever need Smile
wish i'd get new job soon. or at least a project to work on.
next thing probably online fund account.

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