[DISCARDED] Jhonny_kratos - Ban Appeal
Good afternoon everyone ... sqlz, my name in the game is "JHUNNYOR" and on 17/02/2018 I joined server "us1" where I really enjoyed playing and I killed "ADM" including you, "SQLZ" several times ... and I come here to find out why I was banned is this ... can not we kill you? so why was I banned from the game? if yes, I'm sorry, because I really want to play again the survius ... for me it's a respected game and I help all the new Brazilians in the game ... please, answer me ... I want to contribute a lot with paypal ... thank you all
I ban you, for abusing an error, and use it to have a spawn point within our base. We killed you more than 20 times and we have several witnesses saw the times we killed you as soon as you entered. Several times you were asked to do alt + F4 to erase the reappearance point within our base, which was never made
The proof of the ban is you dying then respawning in a location that doesn't have a spawn point, so you had to abused a bug to spawn there.
Sqlz... eu nao entendia o que estava sendo digitado ali, eu tenho que traduzir pq sou brasileiro... eu queria salvar o game em outro lugar mas voces me matavam ali sempre... eu quero voltar a jogar survius... eu"jhunnyor" e "danielzelda" nós estamo banidos...

I didn't know what i was writing there, i have to translate because i'm Brazilian ... I wanted to save the game somewhere else but you killed me there always ... i want to play the survius again ... me " jhunnyor "" danielzelda " we are banned

Vou continuar banido?.. jhunnyor e danielzelda ????
When you asked me several questions in english, i answere them and you understood.
We killed you because you came back and you wanted to kill us, for no reason because we were trying to rebuild, and you said every time you entered "kkkkkkk" or "go".
It's banned because you tried to log in with his account.

To add: it would be nice if you follow the unban appeal guide and translate the publications to english. This time i translated it.
Eu "jhunnyor" e "danielzelda" precisamos de uma segunda chance... igual a todos aqui... por favor, removam o baner ... agradeço chaoz
Use the google translator and write in english please. This unban appeal request will be pending, until @chaozz has made a decision.
to 4 days I "jhunnyor" and "danielzelda" we are trying to contribute with the survius, donate 5 euros ... but my card is not international, so we are trying a way to add cash credits in paypal to be able to donate ... sqlz, thanks for the attention.

I "jhunnyor" and "danielzelda" need a second chance ... just like everyone here ... please remove the baner ... thank you chaoz
Thread closed, to avoid more unnecessary answers. If necessary it will reopen again, this unban appeal will remain pending until the response of @chaozz

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