where im i
in arabia or what  Huh Huh Huh

this is from server eu1

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In the servers it's allowed to speak any language
strange. why fattalkitten says to speak englisch ??
I don't know, maybe because she didn't know what they were saying
yes and i dont understand arabian Smile
How am i associated with this?  I've never told anyone they must speak english.  Further more, I've always said we do NOT discriminate on any server.  All players from all over the world are allowed to come to the servers.  Yes their  ping maybe high and they may lag alot bt i never once said that they could not come and i for surely never said they must only speak english.

We as admins will ask players to speak english when they are asking for our help. When they ask us by name for assistance. Then and only then have I or Fatal asked them to speak english. I like seeing the different languages in chat. It looks cool.. But that is me...
It is understandable that we ask to speak english when they require our help (or the language we understand), since we don't understand what they say (since we don't speak those languages).

Your question was answered correctly.

I also don't understand the nature of the thread or what the subject was in this thread

Thread closed
To clarify the best we can...

You have to speak English on the forums (using English and your native language is 100% fine so someone who speak the language can help better).

In game we prefer English if you're helping but it's not required. Look at the SA servers: most players speak Spanish or Portuguese.

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