hey i'm back (sorry), and well about to leave again (no time no choice real life sucks) anyway here's my two cents on the new spawn system wasn't sure where to post it so sorry if this was wrong spot and it pisses someone off, it's jut my opinion . CHAOZZ love the new spawn system BUT i do miss the old static spawn system , particularly for hunting deer. Totally understand current set up has helped abolish lag tag, but in long run I hope you reconsider static deer spawn. That was like a perk of 'living in the hill's as apposed to building a base near a town, where as town dwellers always had canned goods to feed them regularly, us up in the hills could rely on deer. Just my perspective, but i really thought that was a great sort of balance for picking where you put your base.
I understand your side, would be really good of a balanced.
On the post, posted in the wrong place.
The deer still spawn near the player when they're in the hills (or they're suppose to). So, those of us in the mountains should still find deer, we just have to wait a bit more, no more going to our few locations where they always were.
Exactly. The game is a bit more dynamic now. I'm not saying it won't be tweaked a bit, but this new method is more optimized and more realistic.
just about the static spawn, which i think it could be good, but it would have to be handled by each player.

could there be a radius around the player which detects these spawn areas and starts loading the spawn when the player is close enough?

it could be good for deer, zombies around specific buildings/areas, or even loot, so there wouldnt be a need for the player to load the whole loot in the map, except the one nearby.

i dont know if that makes sense or can be fitted in the current system. sorry, just a long trip back home thinking about stuff xD
roman, I want to say that's about how the current system works, the only difference is the area is a lot bigger than just once place.
but zombies and deer spawn randomly around you. not in fixed places.

what I mean is like everytime you go to clemenster you should at least find one zombie because its a fixed location. now you would struggle to find a zombie anywhere really except 1-2 times a day
I understand, I'm saying the way you want it to work would (I think) use the current system.

I think just higher rates would have a better outcome, the fixed spawns are easy to find in my opinion. Once found you just just avoid it or use it, it just lacks any real challenge.

(If you can't tell, I prefer dynamic spawns over set spawns)
yep, okay, so higher rate then!! Big Grin would be nice to try how it works when the buildings are fixed (sorry this was sent with delay because of signal)

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